Wider Roads in Mimika Papua, to Solve the Traffic Problems

If one is being asked of the most crucial infrastructure, then the answer would be the road. Roads are very essential to deliver our goods and for our accessibility. Therefore, roads are very vital to the economic development. Papua still has many places that are still hard to access due to the lack of transportation infrastructure. Therefore, the government under President Joko Widodo administration has been building many transportation infrastructures such as Trans Papua Roads, Sea Tolls, Airport, train, and so on. 

Trans Papua Roads Construction. Via otonominews

The local government in Mimika has the same vision with the central government. They also see the crucial need of road for transportation infrastructure, hence, they are now are widening Mimika roads. From 2016 until 2017, they are carrying out construction to widen Cendrawasih street, C Heatubun Street, Hasanuddin street up to SP 5. T axis road.

“We will widen Mimika roads with perfect standards so we don’t have to dismantle, only to widen it again in the next few years. we want to do this right and use it for a very long time,” said  Mimika Regent Eltinus Omaleng, cited from AntaraPapua.

According to the Head of Public Works Department of Mimika, Robert RD Mayaut, in 2016, they have already allocated funds around 50 billion IDR to widen Cendrawasih street with a span of around six kilometer. They have also socialize the plan to land owners whose buildings must accommodate this plan. They will get the proper compensation for their land and building. The Mimika local government has already allocated around 3 billion IDR of compensation for the land owners.

“We hope that the work on Mimika roads will run smoothly,” said Robert, cited from otonominews.

Cenderawasih street is one of the main roads that connect Timika with Kuala Kencana. Therefore, this street is one of the most crowded street in Mimika. Due to its heavy traffic, Cendrawasih street also have a high rate of accident. Besides widening the street, the Mimika government wants to redesign the section of the street to solve traffic problems.

This is one of the examples of the government’s commitment to improve development in Papua. It also shows the synergy between the central government and local government in synchronizing their plans for Papua’s better future. By cooperating together in building more transportation infrastructures, they are solving access problems in Papua one by one.


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