New Hopes from Logpon Port of Yahukimo

Developments in remote areas have been continuously carried out in Indonesia. One of the examples is in the Eastern area, which is known for its difficult access, whether by land, air, or sea, due to its challenging natural environment. Thus, the transportation’s connectivity in Papua becomes very important. The new port development that is recently being planned is one of the solutions, the Yahukimo port.

The Yahukimo port is named Logpon and will be developed by the Ministry of Transportation. The visit of Budi Karya Sumadi in last October to Yakuhimo was the sign that the port that is located near Dekai District will be renovated. The Logpon Yahukimo is developed due to the obstacles that are faced the local people, especially when dry season comes which affects the river shoals.

Hope on The Logpon Yahukimo Harbor
Budi Karya Sumadi visiting the development of Lokpon harbor, Yahukimo via News.Detik

“When its dry season, the river shoals on the port is affected. Sometimes, it can cause a problem due to silting up”, said the Head Office of Transportation of Papua Province, Djuli Mambaya, in Jayapura.

This poor condition has made the local government to propose the Ministry of Transportation to develop a port near Dekai district, the strategic city in Yahukimo. Furthermore, Mambaya explained, after Budi Karya Sumadi visited Logpon Yahukimo port in person to see the conditions, the local government will grant and prepare the land to run the development of Logpon Yahukimo port.

The port development is planned to be used for goods transportation from outside Papua, that would be transported from Pomaco port in Mimika region, which then will be continued being transported using small boats to Agats port, Asmat region, then on to Logpon in Dekai, Yahukimo.

It is important to note that Yahukimo region is a new region resulted from Jayawijaya regional expansion, which was decided on 2013. As cited from Sinar Harapan, the Regent of Yahukimo, Ones Pahabol said that Yahukimo region is the number one region with the most difficult geographical condition in Indonesia. This is due to the location of Yahukimo which is located on the mountain ranges.

“The Yahukimo region consists of 80% mountains and 20% land. There are about 517 villages in one district, and there are 51 districts. This regency has many villages, with the total area around 17.153 Km2 and 349 populations”, said Ones.

Thus, as a new region, Yahukimo needs development to support its people’s daily activities, such as access to education, health, and transportation. Some time ago, President Jokowi visited Yahukimo region. His visit was to inaugurate the Nop Goliat Dekai airport which was warmly welcomed by the local people.

Hope on The Logpon Yahukimo Harbor
The officials of the local government and the Ministry of Transportation in a boat at Logpon harbor via News.detik

The transportation connectivity in every district is needed, and Papua is really counting on sufficient infrastructure to have economic stability and the availability of various staple goods in Papua. The Jokowi administration has been trying to implement this vision. Not so long ago, there was a good news from the cooperation between the government with Pertamina, which has agreed on one fuel price of fuel being implemented in Papua. Previously, the fuel price was IDR 50,000 – 100,000 per liter, now it has become IDR 6,650 per liter for Premium fuel. It is a bold step from Jokowi government which should be appreciated.


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