The Indonesian Youth Pledge Commemoration in Papua

On 28th October of 1928, young Indonesian nationalists declared three principals, one motherland, one nation and one language. To honor this declaration, every 28 October the Indonesian people, especially youth, celebrate to honor it with The Indonesian Youth Pledge Commemoration as a symbol of unity in Indonesia. The Indonesian Youth Pledge celebration is also celebrated in in Papua every year. One of the most memorable Youth Pledge Commemoration in Papua this year is in Biak Numfor.

Youth Pledge Celebration in Papua
Boy-scout members celebrating the Youth Pledge day celebration. Via

In Biak Numfor Regency, they celebrated it by having Papuan traditional dances. This commemoration was attended by the members of Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI), local government representations, youths from Mayora Art Studio in Biak Numfor Regency, and Papuan youths from Biak Regency.

The Head of KNPI, Jemmy C Krobo said that the event of Papuan culture (performed by the Papuan youths) is a symbol of the Indonesian unity, from Sabang to Merauke. During his speech, he also encouraged the youths in Papua to give good contribution for the central and local governments’ programs, so they can help in creating good changes in Papua.

The momentum of Youth Pledge commemoration day is celebrated as the history of our nation when the Indonesian youths came forward and united to push forward the realization of Indonesia’s independence and now, as the Indonesian youths’ fight to build the Indonesian nation and citizen,” said Secretary Assistant I in Biak Numfor Area, Putu Wiadnyana, cited from Okezone.

Other Youth Pledge celebrations in Papua was celebrated in RI-PNG border by the Indonesian National Armed Forces and also the people of Papua in Sota, Merauke. During the ceremony, Deputy Commander of Border Security Task Force RI-PNG Yonif 407/Padmakusuma, Mayor Inf Ari Iswoyo Timor, said that all of the people in Papua can speak Bahasa Indonesia, which is really special if we compare it to other people in other region in Indonesia. That alone has shown us, that the people in Papua have always uphold the national language, that is Bahasa Indonesia.

During this ceremony, all of the students who attended this celebration look very joyful. They already came to the celebration from early morning, by foot. One of the Papuan University Student Organization, Papua Indonesia University Students Movement (Gemapi) also created a forum to celebrate Youth Pledge day. During this forum, they are discussing about national awareness, youth future, the danger of HIV/AIDS and Drugs, and also other general insights. Gemapi’s goal itself is to gather and educate university students and other Papuan youths to become the future leader with intelligence and integrity.

Youth Pledge day Memorial Ceremony is not only for remembering the deeds of our national heroes, but also for a reminder to all of us, to contribute in creating better Indonesia. After our independence, it is the task of every citizen, current generation and also future youth generation to build the nation.

One of the Papuan figure, Ramses Ohee, said that the historical facts have showed that the desire of the Papuan people to be united with Indonesia has already emerged since the implementation of the Youth Pledge, October 28, 1928. He said it in determination, because his father Poreu Ohee is one of the Papuan youths who were present at the time during the Youth Pledge. 

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